Planet X - Anthology 4 x CDs

Planet X was an instrumental rock supergroup, founded by keyboardist Derek Sherinian and drummer Virgil Donati in addition to a number of revolving players, depending on the album. Other featured artists here included Brett Garsed, Allan Holdsworth, Jimmy Johnson, Tony MacAlpine, Dave Larue, and Tom Kennedy.
They were active for a decade, releasing three studio albums and a live album, each with a variety of guest musicians and oft-changing lineups.
This is all of their releases; 3 studio albums and a live release!

"In a world of recycled or transient musical ideas, it's rare for any band to be truly ground-breaking and innovative. Too often, acts merely create poorly executed retrograde musical concepts that could never be classed as genre-leading. There are of course a few exceptions, many of whom are more familiar names to the uninitiated than Planet X. Yet this band was able to accomplish what others merely dreamed of - inventing their own genre and leaving a high watermark for others to attempt and equal.”
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Wow. Virgil Donati is highly revered in the drummer community for obvious reasons. Just for context, put on track 3 of the 1st CD; "Dog Boots" and realize he's playing a 32nd note double bass drum ostinato that absolutely rips for almost 4 minutes. It's easy to see why a great keyboard player like Sherinian would hang w/ this cat. Throw in the master drummer Simon Phillips to produce, and it's back to the practice room for the rest of the world. All 4 of these CD's are packed w/ complex songs. Period. No piffle warbled here either. These guys don't practice their instruments for hours on end so some singer can emote bullshit. It's pure chopsy-popsy highly technical musicianship of the highest order.
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