Prometheo - D'un Fuoco Rapito, di un Giovane Uomo, d un Amore Insensato

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Alessandro Memmi - Vocals, Guitar
Andrea Tarquilio - Vocals
Andrea Siano - Piano, Synth, Hammond
Andrea Maddaloni - Bass
Alessandro Cellamare – Drums

"PROMETHEO was born in 2008 in Bari, Apulia, Italy. The progressive rock band is inspired by concept albums, odd times, mythology and vintage vibes from '70s and '80s. The love for Italian progressive wave, in particular PFM, BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO, AREA and for international strongholds of the genre such as JETHRO TULL, KING CRIMSON, PINK FLOYD, YES and GENESIS moved the band through the study of the iconic covers that made progressive great.
After a long period of live performances in local pubs and theatres, the band started the composition of their first concept album,, based on the myth of Prometheus, the famous Titan who stole the fire from Olympic Gods and donated it to mankind. The myth is played in 10 songs tinged with hard rock, funk, songwriting, classical and blues, with catchy guitar riffs and frenetic parts in unison.
In 2018 the band reached the finals in Premio Massara contest (Lucca, Italy) and in 2019 they took part in Barezzi Road contest, with a progressive reinterpretation of the lyrical air 'Questa o quella per me pari sono' from Giuseppe Verdi's 'Rigoletto'. In the same year, the band won a record production with Regione Puglia, Puglia Sounds and Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, and this, their first album was released.”-progarchives
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