VIII Strada - La Leggenda della Grande Porta

"VIII Strada: a musical workshop where harmony, sounds and words are forged together to create songs whose essential aim is to transmit a state of mind and share emotions with the listener. VIII Strada is classified as Progressive Rock but it is strongly influenced by the various musical tastes and experience of its members. The musical tales of the group, conceived over time, outline places and people, sketching colours and shapes which can be translated into feelings and meanings by others, leaving ample margins of interpretation. An unmistakable symphonic-classical influence mixed with the raw energy of rock create the VIII Strada sound, enriched by diverse contaminations from worlds, cultures, times and ages apart. The bands music may appear difficult and elitist at first but the reality is in fact a very different matter; VIII Strada's music overcomes the barriers of categorization and, especially when performed live and greater contact is established with the audience, the listener finds it is easily interpreted and emotionally enthralling."

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