Regna - Cinema CD

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Alejandro Domínguez: Guitar
Arturo García: Bass
Miquel González: Keyboards
Marc Illa: Vocals
Eric Lavado: Drums
Xavier Martínez: Guitar

“Regna is a symphonic prog rock band hailing from Barcelona. In late 2023, the band is set to unveil its debut full-length LP, CINEMA. An honest and concise album where the band aims to showcase all facets of its DNA and gather everything they have learned from their previous work, the conceptual EP Meridian (2015).
The album has been written and conceived as a complete musical arch of two hemispheres. Although it is not a conceptual piece, there are some common threads along the tracks such as fear, loneliness and the need of having an emotional shelter (and its posterior collapse).
There is a lot of each of the band members in this first project. The influences of this young band are ranging from the powerhouse approach of the American prog, to the old and refined search of melody of the seventies and the mournful and sombre atmospheres of the Scandinavian folk-inspired scene. Drawing from these and many other sources but providing a unique and personal sensitivity, Regna arises, whose sound reflects a genuine and forceful style with nostalgic dyes, with a strong personality.”
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