Rundgren, Todd / Emil Nikolaisen / Hans-Peter Lindstrøm - Runddans

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Excellent, completely unexpected, techno-modern-yet-classic Todd album with all the quirks that made classic Todd albums!

"Absolutely stellar. A complete psychedelic throwback to the days of "Spark Of Life", but with sputtering, Flux:FX style studio trickery that enhances the instrumentation, and hurls the entire project into the 21st century (and beyond)!

The lush, analog-style production exhibits a warmth I haven't heard from a Todd record since "A Capella".

I could swear the record is straddling homage territory, and, at turns, I hear ghosts of "Shine", "International Feel", and more. Obviously, the two Norwegian contributors have a lot of input w/ the sequencing & production but, just like everything Todd touches, his trademark sound is all over it. If anything, they probably merged their respect for his back-catalog with a somewhat "follow-the-leader" mentality, because I've listened to efforts by both Lindstrøm and Serena-Maneesh, and this is unquestionably a Todd record, through & through. Todd's voice ages like fine scotch whiskey and, despite hints of gravel and hickory, you might say he's sounding better than ever. His guitar-work is as recognizable as ever, though the afore-mentioned effects tactics really propel it into uncharted territory.

A little time to unplug, peek out of his self-constructed musical oubliette and take some collaborative direction from guys that aren't 60+ years old has done the Wizard a world of good, and proves that he's just as vital as ever. He only needed a little fresh air."
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Fabulous new "cosmic" Todd piece that,YES, does harken back to the acid days! A multi-layered experience....a "love' song, a concept(hinted at...),and some Gong/Steve Hillage like floating guitar make this thee Todd no one would expect at this late stage of his career(but, certainly appreciated if you're into "Cosmic Fire" and "A Wizard..." and such classic craziness)! This brought tears of joy to my eyes....for personal reasons,but I'd bet it could elicit them from you too ,if you LOVE this "cosmic" Todd is God sound. It's THAT good!
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