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"Sister of well known artist Alan Sorrenti, Jenny (or Jane, as she was called in her early releases) was born in Naples from welsh mother, and formed there the acid folk trio Saint Just. With this band she released two albums before embarking in a solo career that only produced two more albums in the 70's.
Saint Just began as a trio mainly using acoustic instruments and mixing together folk, psychedelia and classical influences. The very good results are demonstrated in their first album, released in 1973 on Harvest. The soft prog atmospheres are dreamy and enchanting, like in the opening Quando nel mondo distrutto incominci´┐Ż la vita, and Alan Sorrenti also sang on a track, but the group failed to render the delicate sound on stage.
The second album is more in a rock direction, with sax player Robert Fix being replaced by two electric guitarists and a stable drummer. The result is less acoustic and more rhythm based, always on a very good level."-Italian Prog

"La Casa Del Lago came out just a year after Saint Just's eponymous debut album; in 1973 the band were a very special trio, consisting of Jenny Sorrenti (voice), Antonio Verde (guitar) and Robert Fix (saxophone). They had a contract with Harvest (as well as Jenny's brother Alan Sorrenti, who debuted with "Aria" the previous year), and managed to stand out in the vast Italian pop scene of the early '70s.
Unlike many other musical realities, they had a concrete support from the record label, which allowed them to play a lot around Italy, and to take shelter in this 'casa del lago' - house by the lake - where they wrote this second and last album. Robert Fix had left the trio, and Saint Just then turned into a full band, with the addition of drummer Fulvio Maras and guitarists Tito Rinesi and Andrea Faccenda: the result is a decidedly more rock-oriented LP, with many different influences, on which rises again the ethereal Jenny Sorrenti's voice, that has nothing to envy to the more well-known folk singer of the time (Sandy Denny, for example). Faithful reprint of the original 1974 edition blue vinyl."
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