Seabrook, Brandon - brutalovechamp CD

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Brandon Seabrook - Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo
Nava Dunkelman - Percussion, Glockenspiel, Voice
Marika Hughes - Cello
Eivind Opsvik - Contra Bass
Henry Fraser - Contra Bass
Chuck Bettis - Electronics, Voice
John McCowen - Contrabass Clarinet, Bb clarinet, Alto and Bass Recorder
Sam Ospovat - Drum Set, Chromatic Thai Nipple Gongs, Vibraphone, Concert Chimes

“Guitarist and banjoist Brandon Seabrook is known for pushing his music past the far reaches of the extreme. Welding together elements from punk, jazz, pop, and metal, Seabrook revels in abrasive textures, paint-peeling virtuosity, and angularity so severe as to draw blood at the touch. brutalovechamp features Seabrook’s stunning and malleable octet Epic Proportions. The unique ensemble evolved from the sextet Die Trommel Fatale, which released its self-titled album in 2017. “I wanted to push myself to grow as a composer,” Seabrook explains. “This band is a perfect outlet to do that with. All of these musicians can really do anything, which enables a lot of experimentation.”
The group and the music emerged from a period of what Seabrook refers to as “drastic flux” in both his personal and artistic lives. As he writes in the liner notes, “I felt the need to find meaning in that chaos. To mirror, amplify, and transform that state, this sound word intentionally disregards any familiar chronology or form… I imagined a sound realm that would reflect more life, less process. The result is intimate and vast.”
As that description suggests, the music of brutalovechamp reveals a more mature and vulnerable composer, but never one that is comfortable with playing things safe. These eight selections may not come wrapped in the barbed wire and broken glass surfaces that characterize Seabrook’s past efforts, but they are rife with unexpected juxtapositions and labyrinthine structures. The music is vividly echoed by the repurposed metal sculptures of artist John Chamberlain that grace the album booklet, brutal steel and corroded colors shaped into fluid and vibrant curves.”
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