Section 25 - So Far DVD

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Section 25 were a cool Factory band that I remember seeing around 1982 and really enjoying in a weird-o, art-punk kinda way; amazing to see a DVD of them emerge...they were pretty obscure. "This DVD gathers together rare live and studio footage from all stages of their career. The original post-punk trio are captured live at the ICA in London in June 1980, while the later five-piece electronic line-up at Minneapolis First Avenue in January 1985. Extracts from shows at Chicago Metro, Manchester Hacienda and London Riverside are also included, as well as studio clips for tracks including New Horizons and Looking From a Hilltop. The fascinating Chicago Metro footage proves beyond doubt that Section 25 were a vital formative influence on early techno music. Sasha Frere-Jones recalled this motorik live epiphany for The Wire in December 2001."
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