Sex Mob Meets Medeski - Live in Willisau 2006

Great disc by the great Sex Mob, led by Steven Bernstein-trumpet + Kenny Wollesen-drums, Tony Scherr-bass, Briggan Krauss-alto sax with John Medeski-organ, recorded live in excellent sound in front of a big audience who drive them onward to greatness. Tunes by John Barry (James Bond music), Prince, Count Basie, Duke Ellington and originals.

"Sex Mob was formed in October 1995 to play the "late nite hang" at the Knitting Factory, the now legendary mecca for downtown music in NYC. The band, consisting of Steven Bernsetein (slide trumpet) Briggan Drauss (alto sax) Tony Scherr (bass) and Kenny Wollesen (drums), started ff playing original compositions, but was soon drawing crowds to their all night parties with inspired and upredictable covers. Their first release "Din Of Inequity" was released thru Columbia records and featured John Medeski on the organ. This led to years of touring in the US and Europe, and the creation of a singular and unique musical language, and a powerhouse live band which combined the power of The Who with the subtlety pf Ellington, encompassed in a modern groove all their own. Slowly, this music has crept into the mainstream, with a Grammy nomination for the band's 2006 cd, "SEXOTICA" (from Thirsty Ear). This recording completes a circle, with the addition , once again, of old friend John Medeski, for a combination of wild intensity and careful listening. Giving birth to their own vibe, they continue their unique musical conversation, one they've been having for over a decade now."

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  • LabelThirsty Ear
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