Tamandua - Eternal Anteater of the Universe

A novel blending of jazz-rock and various Eastern ethnic musics, all put together with a modern/avant sensibility. Hard to pigeonhole and pretty nice.

"Tamandua is a sax/guitar/drums trio based in Boston, MA. Labels are hardly accurate, but the band plays a sort of progressive/avant-garde jazz-rock that is often influenced by various Eastern (Indian, East Asian, and Middle Eastern) ethnic music. Drummer/composer Rick Landwehr was a founding member of Ann Arbor, MI based progressive rock/pop band Ape 7. In addition to Tamandua he currently plays with The Boston Jazz Trio, Colin Stack & Novelty Act, Daniel Bennett Group and Ra Quintet. He is also a faculty member at the National Guitar Workshop's New Milford, CT campus. Guitarist/composer Joe Conley played on Chris Opperman's Purple Crayon album which was produced by Frank Zappa alum Mike Keneally. He also recently performed and recorded with Boston based indie rockers Molecule and is a member of The Boston Jazz Trio. Saxophonist/composer Rick Stone performs with Quartet of Happiness and Colin Stack & Novelty Act. Tamandua’s debut album Eternal Anteater of the Universe was recorded on November 14 and 15, 2008 at Boston Recording Studio. Edits, mixing, mastering and guitar overdubs on the track The Gypsy Cat from Persia were done between November 17 and December 22, 2008. The band played live in the studio without a click track. There was minimal tweaking of sounds post recording. The intention was to capture, as accurately as the microphones could, the raw sound and feel of real instruments being played by real people in real time. Minimal compression and limiting was used during mixing and mastering to capture as closely as possible the full dynamic range of the performances."

"An excellent and raw collection of complex, mostly odd-metered jazz-rock that splits the difference between intricate composition and wild improvisation. The band has a great feel for the challenging material. Plus, anteaters are wicked cool."-Joe Tangari
  • LabelBennet Alliance
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