Sharp, Elliott - Errata (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"This is E. Sharp's third Tectonics cd. Tectonics is an ongoing solo project which combines his warped drum n' bass & beyond rhythmic foundations with his infinite/alien layers of guitar thangs & saxes. For me, most drum n' bass stuff is limited, monotonous and boring. Elliott knows better, constantly reinventing the boundaries and coming up with fresh environments. Each section of 'Errata' has a solid but fractured rhythmic scheme - post everything from the second half of this sad century, as well as Elliott's distinctive and often alien string manipulation & sax squealing & squawking. There is never an uninspired moment, just points when it gets to be too much to take in. There are a number of notable pieces where it all comes together - the shit hits the fan and we smile in awe of the riches. On "City of Sand", we find Beefheartian guitar fragments mixed with Hendrix's "Up from the Skies" like soothing psych guitar sound sailing on top of warped but funky rhythm samples. Some of the slower pieces seem to work best, ideas/sounds get a chance to breathe and create deep & dark suspenseful moments. A couple of these pieces have a particularly slamming almost jazz drum thing - kinda Bobby Previte-like, could this be a sample & not the real thing?!? On the final selection - "Errataka" all hell breaks loose and a cosmic eruption takes place, sounds like everything is being squished through static-inducing strainer! Oh no, the ghost of Smersh has arisen! Take a couple of aspirin & dig in!" - Bruce Lee Gallanter/Downtown Music
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