Parker, Evan / Daunik Lazro / Joe McPhee - Seven Pieces Live at Willisau 1995

Evan Parker tenor and soprano saxophones
Daunik Lazro alto and baritone saxophones
Joe McPhee alto and soprano saxophones, alto clarinet and pocket trumpet

“One of the good things happening in the Nineties was the circulation in some festivals of the incredible sax trio formed by Evan Parker, Daunik Lazro and Joe McPhee. Unfortunately, just one recording documented the partnership, a homonymous album released in 1996 by the French label Vand’Oeuvre. For those who’ve been mesmerized by the live encounters of these three giants of improvised saxophone only some “tête-a-tête” CDs served as good consolation, namely “Élan, Impulse”, uniting Lazro and McPhee (1991, In Situ), and the pair “Chicago Tenor Duets” (2002, Okka Disk) and “What If / They Both Could Fly” (2013, Rune Grammofon), with Parker and McPhee dueling. Now, thanks to Clean Feed, we can listen a second time to the three part equation in its entirety – “Seven Pieces” is the reproduction of what Parker, Lazro and McPhee did together at a venue in Willisau, in May 1995. The concert was recorded by the brothers Niklaus and Walter Troxler and found on cassette in a drawer all these years later. An expert in recovering old tapes, the electronic musician Jean-Marc Foussat did the editing, mixing and mastering of the music. For our collective happiness, because what you’ll find here goes deeper in the abstract lyricism testified by the previous and very hard to find release. The British, the French and the American guys were having a fantastic night, and history benefits from that.”
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