Sloan, Gary / Clone - Harmonitalk CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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You’ve heard harmonica played like this and you’ve heard synth music like this, but you have definitely never heard them together, especially in Alaska!

“Originally released as a privately funded 1000 copy vinyl run in 1980 this rare album by Alaskan electric harmonica player Gary Sloan and his interchangeable synth trio known as Clone is a record that pushes the concept of American outsider music to its furthest geographical limits.
With few physical copies travelling beyond their tight Alaskan fan base upon release this mutant album of conflicting mediums and truly forward thinking electronic pop music combines an unlikely mix of synth pop, New Age, low-fi blues, techno, folk funk and prog rock - providing the locales sparse vinyl industry with a much needed and veritable document of this collective s truly unique and open-minded psyche.
Harmonitalk is available here for the first time away from its rare private press run of only 1000 LP copies, with additional material supplied by the robot harmonica himself, Gary Sloan.
See what happens when a homespun innocent blues collective become possessed by the souls of Vangelis. Klaus Schulze and Suzanne Ciani on the frost-bitten film set of John Carpenter's The Thing.”
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