Sorts, The - More There

This was the album before Contemporary Music, which we also carry for $2.00 and which is a fine instrumental, rock album. This has vocals, and is definitely not as strong to me. but quite a bit of it is as good as Contemporary Music, even if not as consistant. Hey, it's $2.00; you were expecting a classic? "While staying fairly loyal to the stereotypical "DC sound," the Sorts manage to add their own loose, jazzy feel. Loose is a good word to describe this record. This is laid back and mellow with a husky voiced crooner whispering in your ear, like a more soulful Karate. More There tends to wander off into the background from time to time, but it's a welcome change of pace for these ears. Not as impressive as other recent Slowdime releases, but still a keeper."-Ink 19
  • LabelSlowdime
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