Reisler, Paul/Bobby Reed - Birth Of A River

Bobby Read was the saxist of However for many years. After However ended, he ended up in the progressive/folk/new age band Trapezoid, where guitarist Paul Reisler is from. This duo album has a lot of elements of However in it, reminiscent of However's most gentle moments (Louise Sitting In A Chair, etc.) This is not surprising, as However's leader Peter Princiotto appears on fretless bass and even guitarist Bill Kotapish makes an appearance on one track. Also appearing are musicians playing percussion, violin, cello and drums. Almost totally instrumental (there are vocals on one track at the end), this is not a mind-blowing album, but if you are a However fan, or if you like pretty (but definitely not insipid) new-age oriented instrumental music, this is well worth your $3.00

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