Spacious Mind - The Drifter

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Founded in 1991, The Spacious Mind were one of the earliest of the second generation of psychedelic spacerock bands to come out of Scandinavia, releasing a string of very good albums in the 90s and mid 00s.
I’m not sure if they are still active, and this new album, a collection of rare compilations, live tracks, and vinyl-only releases, doesn’t really answer that question. It does, however, remind me how good they are!
This is a limited edition of only 300 copies made!

“A collection of rare cuts, live takes and other previously unreleased tracks from the acclaimed Swedish acid rock unit. These spaced out sounds are highly recommended to fans of Hawkwind, Pink Floyd and the most mind bending early '70s krautrock acts.
Formed on 1991, The Spacious Mind have since become known as one of the world's leading psychedelic bands. Their music owes as much to the acid haze of the San Francisco ballrooms in the late 60', as it does to the unknown areas of spaces, heart and time. The twin guitars are batting over a steady drums/bass background, while atmospheric keyboards are swirling in and out of your mind, plus a few ethnic instruments on here, and together create a melancholic tapestry of sounds. The music of this album' THE DRIFTER" consist of acid, hypnotic spaced-out tracks of a dreamlike nature, immediately elevating listener above the ground.”
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This ends up being a great over-view of a really good psychedelic band. It pulls together a few high points of some hard to find EP's and albums,and adds in a few live pieces not available before. Yes, it has a taste of instrumental Pre-Dark Side Pink Floyd,....but also has a few vocal cuts that have a charm of their own too. The vocals were a surprise to me , since albums I had before did not have any. "Members of The Band" has a lyric that reminds me of Robert Wyatt's era in the Soft Machine(not that the vocalist has his voice copied …)but it just flows in that classic way. A good rounding up,...or a nice way to taste what this band was famous for! A well rounded compilation that's a real winner.
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