Spaltklang - en Suite

"The fourth Spaltklang release is finally here! As with their previous three CDs the band consists of Olivier Vogt (viola), Stephan Brunner (electric bass), Remy Strauli (drums, keyboards) and the leader and composer Markus Stauss (tenor & soprano saxophones). Musically this continues the explorations of their previous release "Lontano". While the arrangements tend to be somewhat gentler (recalling the first release "Alpengluhen") the compositions are some of Stauss' strongest to date! And the band has never sounded better, playing with fire & conviction but with the restraint that comes from years of learning what the other musicians bring to the music and knowing when to let someone else come to the foreground and when to take the lead and become the focus. Each of these four musicians knows exactly how to play so as to give the music its best presentation. Exactly how much of "En Suite" is completely written out and how much is improvised is unclear which is just fine since that is the way it should be with music of this kind! In the great tradition of Curlew, Dr. Nerve and Univers Zero, Spaltklang's music brings together the three worlds of rock, jazz & classical and melds them masterfully into what can only be described as 'the music of Spaltklang'! If you enjoy 'progressive music' in the purest sense of the word then "En Suite" is it!"-Steve Roberts

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  • LabelFazzul
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