Stemeseder / Lillinger - Umbra CD

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Elias Stemeseder: Composition, Producing, Lautenwerk, Synthesizer, Electronics, Una Corda
Christian Lillinger: Composition, Producing, Drums, Sampler, Synthesizer
Peter Evans: Piccolo trumpet
Russell Hall: Bass
DoYeon Kim: Gayageum
Brandon Seabrook: Banjo, Guitar

“Umbra is the new album by pianist, composer, and electronic musician Elias Stemeseder and drummer, composer, and producer Christian Lillinger. As a core duo, they are planning a long-term series of releases, each with guest musicians playing a key role.
“Their works explore the principles of time and space, growing from quiet melodies into broad statements. On Umbra, Stemeseder and Lillinger continue to expand their palette, bringing together an eclectic group of collaborators – New York based musicians Brandon Seabrook, DoYeon Kim, Peter Evans, and Russell Hall – to build off of their ideas, combining the textures of strings and percussion to weave together a visceral sonic tapestry”, writes Vanessa Ague in the liner notes and adds: “Each piece on the album offers its own careful examination of sound, peering into every fleeting moment to unearth some new texture or timbre that’s hiding within each instrument.”
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