Stormy Six - Benvenuti Nel Ghetto CD + DVD

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Well. Was not expecting this! A completely new work by the Italian contribution to the original Rock In Opposition movement! Most of the original members are here: Tomasso Leddi, Carlo de Martini, Salvatore Garau, Umberto Fiori, with Giorgio Albani, Archimede de Martini and Francesco Zago. Stylistically this is probably closest to L'Apprendista/Un Biglietto del Tram.

"Benvenuti nel ghetto (Welcome to the ghetto), the new work by the cult band Stormy Six made in collaboration with the artist Moni Ovadia,is more than merely a new record. It is actually the commemoration of the events that occurred from April 19, 1943 within the Warsaw ghetto: it was the first collective rebellion act against the Nazi oppression, a strong protest that lasted about a month, before being violently suppressed by German soldiers and officers.

The work comes in a special deluxe format, consisting of an 8-page booklet with cardboard cover, all housed in a horizontal slipcase measuring 15x25cm. Inside we have a CD with 11 new songs and a DVD that, in addition to the same tracks, contains an entire filmed performance from the ones played by Stormy Six during spring 2013, for a total duration of more than an hour and a half. Between songs, Moni Ovadia reads the testimonies of those who lived seventy and more years ago about the horrors of Nazism. This work is dedicated to them.

This is a unique product in its shape and content from an essential, historic band. "Benvenuti nel ghetto", as stated by the band themselves, ideally continues what had already been expressed in the unforgettable masterpiece "Un biglietto del tram", and gives us back a group that hasn't lost yet the strength and creativity of the old days."
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