Surplus 1980 Collectiv Ensembl with G.W. Sok - Forget All This

Guitars: Yacob McCann, Melne Murphy, John Shiurba, Bill Wolter
Bass: Vicky Grossi (low), Steve Lew (high), Jason Hoopes (upright)
Drums: Jordan Glenn. Mark Pino (plus percussion)
Reeds: Kyle Bruckmann (oboe), Paul Costuros (bass clarinet)
Voice, Lyrics: G. W. Sok
Composition, Conducting, Snare ("Gutter"), Megaphone: Moe Staiano

“As alluded to in its name, Surplus 1980's music takes cues from the angular bands of the 1980s such as Dog Faced Hermans and Diagram Brothers and fuses it with the heavy, fierce attack pioneered by The Ex and The Fall to create their own blend of modern no-wave angst.
Combined with Staiano’s playful lyrics, Surplus 1980's music is a thick slab of out-jazz, with more than a dash of punk ferocity.
Surplus 1980 Collectiv Ensembl is a project of the current member of Surplus 1980, along with musicians who have either performed in the studio, or live, (or neither), playing extended compositions by Moe Staiano, who’ll be conducting everyone, along with G.W. Sok, the Dutch vocalist formerly of the Ex.”
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