Syndone - Dirty Thirty: 1992-2022 Thirty Years of Syndone CD

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Nik Comoglio: composition, orchestration, hammond, juno dist. moog, mellotron, keyboards
Riccardo Ruggeri: composition, vocals, lyrics
Marta Caldara: vibraphone, marimba, keyboards
Gigi Rivetti: acoustic Piano, electric piano. clavinet, hammond, moog, accordion
Simone Rubinato: Bass, fretless bass, electric baritone guitar
Ciro Iavarone: drums, percussion
Rebecca Onyeji e Charlie Poma: backing Vocals

"Sit down, make yourself comfortable. This is the story of an artistic journey, a 30-year parable. Listen. Immerse yourself. Eliminate all distractions; let the music speak to you, like it used to do. “DirtyThirty” is the culmination of a class struggle, of the utopian ideal of those who stubbornly cling to a model of the world that still embraces thought, wonder and the courage of art.
Syndone is a vision, a nine-album journey, the desire to make a mark in the world. Syndone is a shape-shifter, a band that’s changed its skin and its musicians without ever changing its soul: swimming against the tide, defying fashion and the decline (not only musical) of an era in which you can be successful only if it pleases the powers that be. Yet there was a time when record albums were capable of transporting us, starting with the artistry of the album covers, of breaking the rules, crossing boundaries, with a whole set of atmospheres, sounds, and thoughtful, refined, stylistic constructions. Those were the days of progressive rock; at the time it was simply called 'pop', because it was popular. Today there’s very little left that’s progressive: there’s no thrill of discovery, we’re no longer open to wonder and amazement, we don’t deviate from the idea of an increasingly standardized and replaceable human being. Nik Comoglio, the musical heart and soul of this story, has never surrendered to that reality; flanked by the vocal and conceptual talents of Riccardo Ruggeri, the Turin-based keyboardist and composer has truly succeeded in making his mark. Syndone, with their erudite, impeccable rock, as violent and energetic as they are melancholic and orchestral, are a dare, a counterpoint, a raised middle finger to the devious strategy of collective narcosis slyly dropped from above in the Kali Yuga of Western civilization. They’re an antidote.
“DirtyThirty” is their crowning achievement, the (perhaps) final chapter. Enjoy it like fine wine, in small sips, and remember to stay human."
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