Systems Theory - Soundtracks For Imaginary Movies

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Very well produced self-released album by three musicians on a huge amount of gear, which mostly boils down to zillions of keyboards, computer/sequenced drumming (very well done), guitars, bass and various effects. At its best, this combines the motorik groove of Neu or the more organic groove of Can with the guitar heroics of Djam Karet. "If you like the sound of this CDs title and take it literally, youre likely to enjoy the sound of the album, too. It delivers what it promises, though I find it even more interesting than the title suggests.... What impresses me the most, I guess, is the variety of the album. Although each composition could very well serve as the soundtrack to a movie (if a short one), none of them is as boring as soundtrack music too often is. ... Its a good album that, as I said at the outset, delivers what its title promises and more."-DPRP/Gerald Wandio
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