Taipuva Luotisuora - 8 CD

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There's something kind of funny about how Taipuva name their albums, giving them all numbers that seemingly actually have nothing to do with what number album of theirs said album actually is!

Having said that, Taipuva Luotisuora are one of the great progressive rock bands from Scandinavia right now. Their all instrumental sound has changed and developed greatly and the group no longer are strictly a 'spacerock' band, which is how they started out their life, but have grown and morphed into a modern progressive rock/sophisticated stoner-rock band ala Gosta Berlings Saga/Nebelnest/Circle/Guapo with big hints of their spacerock past.

They now consist of two guitarists (including one who adds computer/laptop work), keyboards, violin, bass and drums.

Their best yet and that's saying something; Taipuva Luotisuora now stand with the best of any band on the international, forward-looking, progressive rock stage. Highly recommended.
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