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“On their new album Raum, Tangerine Dream develop the concept of its precursor EP (Probe 6—8) further. Composed and produced with full access to Edgar Froese’s Cubase arrangements (and Otari Tape Archive with recordings from 1977-2013), Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane and Paul Frick deliver late-night real time compositions combined with classic studio productions, sequencer driven haunting soundscapes alternate with anthemic warm synthesizers.
Composed in a time of social distancing and cancelled shows, the tracks cannot exactly be recreated (or will at least need significant re-instrumentation for a live performance). With the 17-minute ‘In 256 Zeichen’ they lay the fundament of this record. ‘Continuum’, with its repetitive sequence and broken beat shows glimpses of acid sounds and increasing choral atmospheres. ‘You Are Always On Time’ is built on PPG wavetable sounds and eerie field recordings. The title track ‘Raum’ makes a nod towards the early live studio performances like ‘Zeit’ and ‘Phaedra’ - the melody accompanied by a chorus-like Roland Jupiter 8 part. An ambient rave Moog Minitaur sequence highlights the final peak, till the violin slowly transports the listener out. A heavy Moog bass marks the beginning and the end of this 15-minute piece.
‘Raum’ is the band’s second studio album after the passing of the founder Edgar Froese in 2015. With deep respect for the sound of the previous five decades, this record continues in the ever-evolving pathway of Tangerine Dream.”

“RAUM marks a departure for Tangerine Dream, both personally and musically, and the results are (largely) fantastic, brilliantly expressing everything the band stands for. From the opening drum-beats and modular synth sequences of ‘Continuum’ to the album's closing and title track ‘Raum’, the new line-up of Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane and Paul Frick show they aren't afraid to experiment and take things in a new (and sometimes) quite unexpected direction.
Stand-out tracks include the upbeat ‘Continuum’, the sequencer driven ‘Portico’ and the initially clock-work and eventually melodic 'You're ways On Time'. Together with ‘Along The Canal’ these display what TD have always done so well, melody with a yearning melancholy over driving sequences, before slipping effortlessly back into washes of chords.
The rest of the album has some fine moments, even if they haven’t connected with me as much it’s obvious just how well ‘In 256 Zeichen’ has gone down with some fans, some describing it as one of the best tracks since 1981. Buy the album and decide for yourself – for me RAUM is a perfect balance of the familiar and the new, given fresh impetus by three truly great composers. Edgar’s dream lives on. We need Tangerine Dream in these troubled times.”
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Just listened twice....and the good news is that most of this is as good as the late 1980's LPs that still were worth owning,...the GREAT NEWS is that the last two tracks are as great as anything from STRATOSFEAR thru EXIT ...and that's a good 20 minutes of sounds that could easily pass as classic out-takes of that era. The band must know these are the best ...why else title the album after the last cut?
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