Tatsuya, Yoshida / Uchinhashi Kazuhisa / Tzboquchi Masayasu - TYU

Tatsuya Yoshida-drums, vocal, sampler
Kazuhisa Uchihashi-guitar, effects
Tzboguchi Masayasu-keyboards, vocoder

"The long-running improvisers who trained their expressions at the improvisation performance site believed in the new possibilities at the end of the improvisation and gave a name of "super improvisation". There, improvisation and composition melt at unlimitedly high dimensions, and the unified world is expanding. Super supernatural composition that super transformation improves. Or super-improvisation as super-composition. In this work Masayasu Tsubouchi further adds a new super-improvisation index, so that exercise increased three-dimensional fluidity and sense of color, and entered a sort of magical area. Mysterious harmony brought about by irregular rise and diffusion. Here is the key to new pop music."-Shinya Matsuyama
  • LabelMagaibutsu
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