Third Ear Band - Music From Macbeth (expanded / 24-bit remaster)

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The Third Ear Band were a late 60's/mid 70's quartet who were fixtures at ALL the festivals & who used hand drums, oboe, violin/viola & cello to make a dark, pagan & medieval-influenced, acoustic music. The only thing that comes close to their sound is some small bits of the early Univers Zero records.
This, their third album, was a film soundtrack and is more electric than what came before, while still absolutely retaining their unique sound. It was their final 70's release before their late 80s reunion, and for my money, their over-all best; an amazing & unsettling mix of oboes, guitar, hand drums, violin, cello & primitive synths. The opening track (the movie's overture) STILL gives me chills. Definitely on the oddball side of things, I suppose, but I loved them and I still do. So...highly original and highly recommended! This has three outtakes from the original session!

“Originally released on EMI's Harvest label in March 1972, the album featured a new line-up of Third Ear Band featuring Paul Minns (oboe and recorder), Glen Sweeney (drums), Paul Buckmaster (cello and bass guitar), Simon House (violin and VCS 3 synthesiser) and Demin Bridges (guitars). The darkly evocative and eerie music of Third Ear Band fitted perfectly with Roman Polanski's cinematic vision of the acclaimed Shakespearian drama starring Jon Finch, Francesca Annis and Martin Shaw. This expanded edition of "Music from MacBeth" has been newly re-mastered from the original Harvest master tapes and includes previously unreleased bonus tracks.”
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