Tibbetts, Steve - Hellbound Train : An Anthology 2 x CDs

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When I first started Wayside Music, Steve was one of the very first musicians with a self-released album (actually two self-released albums) who contacted us trying to get us to buy some copies.
I was greatly impressed with his work then and I remain greatly impressed now. This covers releases from 1980-2018, and it all is a diverse and wonderful body of work. Most of his original albums are long out of print, so this is a good way to learn about one of the greatest of ECM’s post-70s artists. Hugely recommended; you can hear all of the elements (Leo Kotkke, Jimi Hendrix, music of Asia, etc. etc) that Steve draws from quite obviously, but no one has ever put all of these elements together in the way that Steve does.

“Hellbound Train is a retrospective from Steve Tibbetts with music selected by the guitarist from his 40 years of recordings for ECM, neatly divided into electric and acoustic chapters. With it's liquid melodies, textures, hypnotic patterns, and pulsations subtly influenced by music of many cultures, it's an ideal introduction to his unique body of work. At different times Tibbetts might seem closer to minimalism, alternate rock, or ambient music, yet his artistic signature is unmistakable.”
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