Zorn, John - Suite For Piano CD

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Brian Marsella: Piano
Ches Smith: Drums
Jorge Roeder: Bass

“Inspired in part by the Goldberg Variations and Schoenberg’s solo piano music, “Suite For Piano” is Zorn’s very personal take on some of the oldest traditional classical forms. It is performed here by one of the most dedicated, virtuosic, and passionate interpreters in the Zorn universe, Brian Marsella, whose educational experience (too “jazz” for the classical world and too “classical” for the jazz world) makes him the perfect interpreter of Zorn’s cross-pollinating musical poetics. Accompanied by the telepathic rhythm section of Jorge Roeder and Ches Smith (Heaven and Earth Magick) this is a beautiful and soulful program of music for the classic instrumentation of piano, bass, and drums.”
  • LabelTzadik
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