Tohir, David - Angels Dancing In Virga CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

Myles Boisen: guitar
Krystyna Bobrowski: bowl kelp
David Caldwell: tenor saxophone
Brian Christopherson: drums
Jeremy Keller: guitar
Gino Robair: sampler, tapes, theremin, space voice mask
David Tohir: backbone
Kirk Udvardi: alto saxophone
Scott Vance: rasta bass

“This is an album of electro-acoustic improvisation. The featured instrument is the backbone (which is short for feedback trombone), an invention of my friend Scott Vance & myself.
Many of the players, myself included, are classically trained & so the impovisational style comes from that world, though I think most all of us are fans of jazz & rock improv as well. There are some players involved, however, who came up through jazz or rock backgrounds, so the approach by the players is far from uniform. The only one unifying aspect of all the players is that they are people who listen carefully & can adapt to whatever the situation requires.”

“Very good in a very arty but well done free improv way. As stated there's some great distorted improv and it's done via a group effort and in a rather professional way actually. Recommended for those who enjoy some experimental noodling as this pays off.”-rateyourmusic

“Feedback-drenched moody free improv. I've long thought that the trombone is the most interesting and tonally variable brass instrument out there, so any session driven by it is all right by me. The group seems to be more about texture than anything else. Truly unique.”-rateyourmusic
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