Trad Gras Och Stenar - Gardet 12.6.70

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This archival release by Sweden's rightly legendary Trad Gras och Stanar is revelatory and it's great to see it again after it being out of print for a number of years.
The final culmination of the musicians from Parson Sound, Harvester & International Harvester, this archival release is the stoner/pounding id classic with equal influences from Terry Riley and The Monks you would want it to be! Highly recommended!

"... the best ever recording from the legendary Trad Gras & Stenar (Trees Grass & Stones)recorded at the first ever Swedish outdoors summer hippie festival in 1970. The sound is just amazing: a stoned lysergic wall of acid guitars jamming away andnever letting up, pounding bass, furious drums and mystical howling vocals. A truelandmark in psychedelic/progressive history."
  • LabelSubliminal Sounds
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