Turning Point - Creatures of the Night / Silent Promise 2 x CDs

Turning Point was the mid /late 70s band led by bassist Jeff Clyne, formed after he and keyboardist Brian Miller left Isotope after Isotope's first album (incidently, Brian had written ALL the material for that first Isotope album!).
Adding vocalist Pepi Lemer, saxist Dave Tidball (saxes) and Paul Robinson (drums), they came up with their own jazz-rock sound and created two albums which are reissued here for the very first time and it's nice to such fusion obscurities once again visible and done so well!
This is not fusion of the 'burning' variety; there's a lot of melody and texture here and Pepi uses her voice as an instrument, rather than being 'the singer'. A missing piece of Brit-jazz/jazz-rock restored!

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