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First-time on CD for this 1987 debut from Ur Kaos (Lach'n Jonsson, Johan Hedren, Mats Paulsson).

"With their subtly nuanced modulations of unresolved tension and atmosphere of sooty desolation, Sweden's Ur Kaos are one of the precious few bands vibrating at an emotional frequency in tune with the resigned doom of This Heat's Deceit. Unlike the visceral immediacy Charles Hayward's grave intonings lent those late 70s mavens of desperation however, Ur Kaos' lyrical intentions can only be guessed at via the bleak thrust of their two previous English-language outings, since the foreign language vocals at hand render this aspect of the proceedings impenetrable to the non-Swedish speaking among us. There's nothing impenetrable about the manner in which they're sung, however: achy, yearning and riddled with angst. The substance of the sonics said vocals surround are initially less immediate, as Ur Kaos for the most part traffic in a sullen, insular and occasionally scabrous plod that's quietly bruising and wholly unobvious."-Eric Lumbleau/Alternative Press

"Ur Kaos is in essence project of three Swedish guys (Lars "Lach'n" Jonsson, Johan Hedren and Mats Paulsson), who show some signs of life, whenever they produce enough material for a record. Some of you may remember Johan Hedren as a member of Kultivator, RIO-zeuhl-Cante-prog powerhouse whose sole album Barndomens Stigar is a must own. Ur Kaos, however, hasn't that much in common with Kultivator, or maybe, when looking from quite a long way away.... Ur Kaos is perhaps the most vivid of otherwise very spooky Ur-releases, and the least droning and meditative. Chordal and melodic material is well known from Lach'n's releases, albeit here put in different context. In essence, album is based on repeating pattern (by bass, keyboard, etc.), which is soon accompanied by other instruments playing different patterns or lines, what produces strange counterpoint. Different musical material is therefore submit to careful layering, and at their ends, tracks become layered very densely. If particular sequence repeats itself for little longer than necessary, fiery injection follows soon and freshens the atmosphere. But darker entities are always present, humming and hovering near artists. This is great atmospheric avant prog, which can rock from time to time. Actually, well balanced between earthly and gravitation-less, this is first Ur-releases to get. Unusual and therefore unique."-Nenad Kobal/Gibralter Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
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