Various Artists - ZZAJ: Jazz From the 23rd Century 2 x CDs

“ZZAJ: Jazz from the 23rd Century, is a thrilling new collection of music featuring 34 new songs – (nearly) all previously unreleased – from artists from all over the world. The brainchild of producers/multi-instrumentalists Jerry King (Cloud Over Jupiter, Moon X, John Shirley & Jerry King) and Dave Newhouse (The Muffins, Manna Mirage, Moon X), ZZAJ asked musicians to interpret jazz from various conceptual viewpoints, particularly avoiding traditional jazz sounds.
Says King, “It’s more about where jazz is going, rather than where it’s been. It’s a style of music that’s meant to keep evolving, so that was the goal we set forth for the artists. Not only are all the tracks very different, stylistically and genre-wise, but the various productions are very different as well; from slick to raw. And it’s that variety, I think, that’s really going to make this album stand out. It’s like reading a novel, with surprising twists and turns in it.”
ZZAJ includes new music from global artists like Geoff Leigh, Dave Newhouse, Anthony Pirog, Elliott Sharp, Amy Denio, Haco, Alfred Harth, Anthony Coleman, Henry Kaiser, Brian Woodbury, Steve Beresford, and more, and comes in a 2-CD set with a wallet of artist biographies, in their own words. There’s also visual artwork by musicians Dave Newhouse, Pete Prown and the graphics artist Dan Sauer from Jackanapes Press.”
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