Whitewater - Dark Planet

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"British ambient prog rock duo WHITEWATER have emerged once again this October to bring us their brand new and shiny atmoshperic album Dark Planet. Through Stuart Stephens‘ and Paul Powell‘s joint forces, the audience can hear a real expansion of the band’s soundscapes in comparison with previous releases. Dark Planet is further deepened by Mike Kershaw, who writes and sings three tracks, and Gareth Cole (Mike Kershaw Band, Fractal Mirror, The Rube Goldberg Machine, Under A Banner) who brings forth emotion and fluidity through his effortless guitar stylings.
As an avid progressive rock fan, Stuart Stephens formed WHITEWATER with Paul Powell in 2013 to combine his passions for the genre, both classic and modern. Influenced by the sounds of Pink Floyd and Supertramp, WHITEWATER also keeps things current by adopting 21st century aesthetics in line with bands like Orbital and The Future Sound of London.
Reminiscent of the vocal expressions of David Gilmour, Roger Waters, and even David Bowie and Phil Collins at times, Stephens‘ singing is balanced carefully with the modern and futuristically spacey mood of the music behind his poetic declarations. For lovers of melancholy elements that sparkle in bands like Radiohead and Airbag, this new album is a pensive commentary on the state of our planet and our perception of life; a series of statements on the grandiosity, the fleetingness, and the frustration towards forces – governmental and otherwise – that seem to control our every move. The title track, being the most central on this theme, certainly brings a flood of Pink Floyd discography to mind.
Mixed in amongst atmoshperic pieces are a string of piano based ballads and some mid-tempo grooving tracks, clad with jazzy bass lines and moody electric guitars. WHITEWATER maintain the prog rock spirit throughout, leaving no doubt that this runs in their blood. ‘Freefall’ features a sound that is slightly distorted, and perfectly imperfect, making for an intense and organic emotional experience. Stephens‘ voice, which has personality and tone qualities reflective of his contemporaries from the 70s, shines on ‘Time to Move Along’, his gravelly undertones reminiscing in a dark and romantic manner. ‘As You Were’ stands out on the record for its multidimensional arrangement. Pretty bits of ascending piano layered with ethereal guitar notes preface a groovy bass breakdown filtered in by exciting drum hits that all lead up to a soaring lead guitar solo.
Grab a bottle of wine and spend a night in this autumn with Dark Planet, letting your thoughts wander as the record plays at the forefront of your mindful daze. As the cold nights of wonder roll in more biting with each week, add WHITEWATER to your library, and observe the world beyond your window – fruitless trees swaying, people passing by… the lawlessness of life itself spinning within its effortless chaos."
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