Who - Live At The Fillmore East 1968 : 2 x CDs

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Long available as a very famous and great sounding bootleg, this is better sounding and more complete than what had been previously heard and presents the band during a pre-Tommy, post-Summer Of Love, raucous peak! It's the nearly complete April 6th show. Hugely recommended to Who fans!

"Finally! There is finally an official release of The Who concert at the Fillmore East! It is long overdue, released officially a little over fifty years after the event. For Who fans this recording is a must, although I suspect if you are a Who fan you already have this recording in bootleg form. For others, it is a great piece of rock music and contains unforgettable rock music. The Who has rarely been captured with the ferocity found in this recording.
This concert has long been a mainstay in the bootleg music community. These bootleg releases varied considerably in sound quality and selection, and, as in this release, consisted of either the April 5th or April 6th concert or a combination of both. The highlight of this (finally!) official release is that it contains the entire thirty three minutes of “My Generation.” Previous bootlegs of their concert on April 5, 1968 had the music in “My Generation” fade off into netherworld. Perhaps it was not officially released for sound quality reasons; even with all the magic that can be applied in the remastering process now, the play back in this cd still has a unfinished quality. The sightly unpolished sound adds to the raw energy of the band’s performance. It is unique, even for a band as raw and energetic as The Who once was. The Who were at their prime and in top form. Townshend’s guitar solos are inspired. He played as a mad-man, a demon possessed, and the solos are driven and, in an odd way, mesmerizing.
Townshend’s verbal banter in between songs highlights the music and is really something to behold. Much of this verbal banter are left out in bootleg releases but available in this release. It is evident from these intros that the band had been thrown out of several hotels prior to the concert, no doubt because of Keith Moon’s antics, adding to their rock furor. The intensity of the playing can be attributed, in part at least, from the fact that they were tired, exasperated, and, charitably put, ticked-off."
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