Wileman, Richard - Veil

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Richard Wileman - guitars, bass, keyboards, samples, percussion, bouzouki, vocals
Amy Fry - clarinet, vocals
Jo Court - bass clarinet, alto saxophone
Lauraine Phelan - trumpet

Debut solo album by Karda Estra composer Richard Wileman. New songs and instrumentals plus rearrangements of Karda Estra pieces that can fit into a live setting. Also includes a cover of 'The Tinker Of Rye' (written by Paul Giovanni) from the film 'The Wicker Man.'

"Loving the new solo album from Karda Estra's Richard Wileman. Thoughtful, atmospheric music with an agreeably skewed view of the world around us. Oh, & clarinets!"-(the) Sid Smith

"What is great is that you get the best of both worlds, new, stripped back sonic journeys but ones which are built on the same creative pulse, musical references and progressive world view as Karda Estra...wonderfully mercurial and beguiling."-Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture
  • LabelBeliever's Roast
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