Wobbly - Popular Monitress

“San Francisco-based multimedia artist, composer, and improviser Jon Leidecker makes music under the pseudonym Wobbly. He's an active member of both the seminal experimental group Negativland, and the Thurston Moore Ensemble. Popular Monitress, Wobbly’s second release with Hausu Mountain, builds on the machine-randomized compositional processes that Leidecker workshopped on 2019’s Monitress. The album explodes with overlapping alien melodies, swathes of granular texture, and frenetic percussion patterns, all of which stack into dense barrages of digital detritus and twist through rapidly evolving structures without compromising the gleeful spark and the chaotic sense of humor that run through all of Leidecker’s work.
Wobbly once again positions himself as one godfather of many musical forms that have shaped Hausu Mountain into what it is today: fragmented glitch (de)composition; ballistic rhythmic workouts that float in a dimension parallel to the dance floor; ideas that challenge listeners with fluidly unfolding structures overflowing with thrilling deviations.”
  • LabelHausu Mountain
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