Zethson, Alex - Some Of Them Were Never Unprepared CD

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If you give this very spacious, large emsemble recording that is very open and also very planned the time and attention that it needs to unfold, I think you’ll be entranced!

Torbjörn Zetterberg, bass
Elsa Bergman, bass
Leo Svensson, cello
My Hellgren, cello
Anna Lindal, violin & contact mic
Josefin Runsteen, violin
Giannis Arapis, guitar
Anton Toorell, guitar
Kasper Agnas, guitar
Andreas Hiroui Larsson, drums and gongs
Niclas Lindström, shaker
Karin Ingves, piano (right)
Alex Zethson, piano (left)

“As a musician, I've been curious for many years of how collective musical practices can provide a sense of weightlessness, as well as how a focused interplay can blur the lines between musicians and sound sources and create reconfigurations of the relations between the two. I have also tried to explore these observations in depth in some of my composed music: during 2015-2017 I experimented with ways to surprise and destabilise myself in the solo format within the compositional framework of pole of inaccessibility (released as THT1, 2016), by way of using an unprepared piano and a Korg MS20 synthesizer.
In the piece featured on this release — Some Of Them Were Never Unprepared — I wanted to explore similar processes but in the context of an ensemble. Influenced by, e.g., gamelan, krautrock, and the music of Tony Conrad and Arnold Dreyblatt, I wrote the piece during 2020 and 2021 and it premiered at the Stockholm festival Svensk Musikvår in March 2021.
I tried to create an environment wherein each of the performing musicians would attain a state of intense focus (on their own striking, plucking and bowing tasks). At the same time, I wanted the musicians to be somewhat forced to listen closely to the whole, and possibly to get lost in the sound of the ensemble.”
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