Zorn, John - Magick CD

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Astonishing! 'Magick' features two extraordinary works from our main man, composer, musician and label head, John Zorn: Necrononomicon" (2003) performed by the Crowley String Quartet and "Sortilege" (2001) performed by Mike Lowenstern and Tim Smith on bass clarinets. Zorn continues to explore the world of Magic(k), Alchemy and Shamanism, while trying to unravel the great Mystery of music. No easy task and it is obvious that Zorn works extremely hard at exploring esoteric traditions that are catalysts for change, the results of which are found here. "Necrononomicon" is a five-part suite that opens and closes with an extremely intense blast of near violent power that is quite exhilarating. The three mid-section pieces are more restrained in part and especially haunting, yet they are just as breathtaking. Zorn's composing talents have matured so that his jump-cut style, which was so prominent in the 80's and early 90's, seems more balanced as just a part of his current style or technique. Both "The Magus" (part 2) and "Incunabula" (part 4) are calm on the surface, yet bristle with an undercurrent nervous energy that is on the verge of exploding. It does indeed explode on "Conjurations" (part 1) and "Asmodeus" (part 5), as well as on "Thoughts Forms" (part 3), which blends both extremes quite well. "Sortilege", for two bass clarinets, casts a spell of "sorcery and witchcraft". Could this be John Zorn's greatest works yet? Only time will tell."-Bruce Gallanter/DMG [Tzadik]
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