Zorn, John - Tractatus Musico-Philosophicus: Philosophical Investigations from The Invisible Theatre

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“On fire with creativity and burning so brightly that even an uncomprehending world does not deter him, Zorn remains defiant, focused solely on giving expression to the many muses and angels animating his life while harnessing the powers of the chthonic deities buried deep in his subterranean soul. Tractatus brings many of his lifelong interests together into a new musical universe drawing inspiration from philosophy, avant-garde cinema, drama and music.
Drawing inspiration from philosophy, avant-garde cinema, drama and music, Tractatus brings many of Zorn's lifelong interests together into a stunning new musical universe. Including big band cutups, saxophone fireworks, environmental soundscapes and a rip-roaring game-call-Ketjak, this is Zorn musing alone in the studio harnessing the powers of his twisted imagination and underground musical sensibility. Filled with wit, color and mystery, this bizarre suite is among the weirdest music Zorn has ever created and will appeal to only the most open-minded of listeners. Not for the faint of heart. Caveat Emptor!”
John Zorn: Sax, Vocals, Fender Rhodes Piano, Prepared Piano, Organ, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Game Calls, Percussion, Objects, Samples
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