Borbetomagus & Hijokaidan - Both Noises End Burning

"Borbetomagus and Hijokaidan sharing the stage. Noise music fans are getting goosebumps reading those words. Others, well... others should be scared, very scared! Two monster proponents of noise aesthetics, representing two continents whose cultures have often been described as incompatible and yet meet in the celebration of noise. Purifying noise annihilating nationalities and differences. Noise inviting us to a fabulous sonic orgy where energy will reign over precision of execution, where violence is sublimated through strings, reeds and skins, where artistic research consists in destroying over and over what one has managed to build, in order to reinvent it. Two sax players, two guitar players, an electronics player, a singer and a drummer, all working hard to convince you that noise can be a lot more than noise, but exists mostly for making some noise!"-Fran├žois Couture
  • LabelVicto
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