Can - The Lost Tapes 3 x CDs

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New, less elaborate packaging of this great release which is also now available at a killer price for 3 discs filled with great music. As good as any 'real' Can album you can think of!

This is an amazing archival find: 3 discs of previously unreleased material from the prime period of the band's existence: 1968-1977! There's just tons of great stuff with Damo and Malcolm! This is taken from 30 hours of master tapes found while the band's studio was being dismantled ('dismantled!! DISMANTLED?? Jesus! Did it end up where it belongs, in the German equivalent of the Smithsonian?') and this material is not 'just' improvisations, but actual finished recordings that didn't get used for whatever reason(s) over the decade. Can fans and even Can newbies will utterly freak out on this treasure trove of great material. How can this be anything other than 'recommended'?

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