Capricorni Pneumatici - Putredini Obnoxius CD

““As part of a series of initiatives and reissues that celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the birth of the project, the tenth and las bum composed in 1991 by CP for the Portuguese Putrefactio (but never released at the time), before the long record absence interrupted only in 2015 with The Erivar. A "lost album" therefore, for the Milanese duo dedicated to a ritual ambient of Crowleian matrix. In fact, Aleister C.'s manipulated voice appears in three of the nine tracks, which combine suffused industrial ambient carpets and dark drones with hypnotic loops of sampled voices, without a trace of the noisy sabbaths that also belong to the genre. In the manner of the first Coils, one gets the sensation that the quotations from esoteric literature are made with full mastery and respect for the sources, as when in The Pentagram a scenario of demonic invocation is reconstructed through sound allusions. A collection of fine workmanship, which favors arcanely calm and reflective passages, as in the extended A-Thele-Ber-Seth and The Dreamer.”-Blow Up
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