Trio Cavalazzi / Riccardo Sinigaglia - Acustica < > Elettrica CD

Alessio Cavalazzi: violin, sint strymon
Andrea Cavalazzi: cello
Elisa Cavalazzi: violin
Riccardo Sinigaglia: farfisa, moog sonic six, synthi EMS, Yamaha G2

“Acustica < > Elettrica is a respectable orchestral rehearsal (recorded live in Sinigaglia's studio in September 2016) where the trio competes with two violins and cello, while Sinigaglia plays the piano and synth. The scores certainly seem complex to me, as far as I can understand them, especially in some situations; during the less (apparently) improvisational ones the spectralism of the Romitellian school came back to my mind, the strings recall, for example, the Talea Ensemble playing its Anamorphosis (“Elettrico Uno”, for example, it is a truly alien composition, like alien were certain things of the composer from Gorizia). Basically it is a question of mood music, often tense, which surprises for its ability to synthesise and perform, and sincerely seeing the faces of very young people at work only bodes well for their future. Guaranteed by ADN, the more observant will remember that interesting albums by Capricorni Pneumatici and the Venosta/Musci/Cutler trio have been released on the Milanese label. Well done, keep it up.” – The New Noise
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