Cardiacs - Some Fairytales From The Rotten Shed DVD

"In the wrong hands, a tool can serve as a WEAPON!"-Kavus Torabi

High quality video footage from 'rehearsals' from 2005! This is just a riot from beginning to end.
Tim claims he can't remember all the words, but it's just an excuse so he can sing 'fuckity fuck fuck' a lot and give Kavi 'the eye'; he doesn't give a toss anymore.
A fucking dog barks. And barks. And fucking barks....It's hot in the shed (for Jim, but not apparently for Kavus, who wears white fur), there is much terrible feedback from the talkbacks, causing them anguish. The band bicker and fight. Jim plugs in his bass....

"The moment you've all been waiting for (well, one of the moments you've all been waiting for) has arrived. The long-awaited and relentlessly nagged for footage of Cardiacs' rehearsals in that shameful place... "
"It’s great! Cardiacs are inside the shed. Cables are all over the place. They make a racket. When they finish a “song”, they quarrel with each other. Then they stare at the floor and no one says a word for a long time.
Jim doesn’t smoke. Someone else does, but he doesn’t go outside to smoke. The rest of the band has to stay inside while he smokes. When he’s done, he knocks over the ashtray on purpose. Its vile, rank contents are spilled all over the floor of the shed. This happens again and again.
Everyone in Cardiacs gets angry and leaves the shed at some point, except Jim. They always return, though, because where should they go? It’s raining outside, no one has a car and the next bus stop is hundreds of miles from the shed..."-fan synopsis [caution! contains spoilers!]

a song

a fight
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