Carthy, Martin / Dave Swarbrick - Both Ears And The Tail CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Martin Carthy – guitar, vocals
Dave Swarbrick – fiddle, mandolin
These are historic, previously unreleased live recordings from 1966 and show these two in their early, stomping prime.

“Two of the seminal figures of the British folk revival together on one album. Martin Carthy MBE is an English folk singer and guitarist who has remained one of the most influential figures in British traditional music, inspiring contemporaries such as Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, and later artists such as Richard Thompson, since he emerged as a young musician in the early days of the folk revival. David Cyril Eric Swarbrick (died 2016) was an English folk musician and singer-songwriter. He has been described by Ashley Hutchings as "the most influential [British] fiddle player bar none" and his style has been copied or developed by almost every British and many world folk violin players who have followed him.”
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