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"Electronic music pioneer Dieter Moebius (Cluster, Harmonia) wanted to record an album together with his musical soul-mates, Okko Bekker and Asmus Tietchens, at Conny Plank’s studio in 1976. In the event, Plank himself even participated in the recordings as a musician. Two other musicians also joined the fold: bassist Helmut Hattler and saxophonist Johannes Pappert (both from Kraan) had just finished working on an album and were happy to stay on at the studio. Suddenly, there were six musicians with six different personalities who had never worked together before. But what could easily have gone wrong turned into a great document of electronic music, which was rather atypical for its time and conveyed a certain lightness, revealing complex structures on closer inspection."

"A supergroup project that bought together some amazing talents, namely Dieter Moebius from Cluster, top engineer Conny Plank, Kraan musicians: Johannes Pappert and Helmut Hattler, and a couple of free radicals: Asmus Tietchens and Okko Bekker. An odd combination indeed! Dieter had worked with Okko and Asmus on the Cluster & Eno album, Conny's involvement was also logical, but the Kraan connection dates back to their previous collaborations with Cluster on the Mani Neumeier and Ax Genrich projects a couple of years earlier. Such a meeting of varied talents resulted in an extraordinarily odd cosmic album, beyond Harmonia's "Sehr Kosmische", kind of betwixt early Cluster and The Cosmic Jokers, but with a couple of very different twists added by the strange jazziness from the ex-Kraan duo and also Asmus' rummagings inside pianos! Industrial space music indeed! Full of weirdness and innovation. Dieter Moebius (ARP, guitar, percussion), Asmus Tietchens (Moog, piano), Okko Bekker (ARP, keyboards, percussion, vocals, guitar), Conny Plank (ARP, guitar, vocals), Johannes Pappert (alto sax, drums, bass, flute), Helmut Hattler (bass)"-The Crack in the Cosmic Egg
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