Cheer-Accident - Fringements Two CD

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“Recorded all over the place (in time and space).”

Best fan comment: “Why? – Because we know that you’d always wanted to hear what that plaintive melody from “Enduring The American Dream” would sound like if a high school marching band had gotten a hold of it.”

“Well, the bad news is... this isn’t the first of its kind; also the bad news: it won’t be the last. That’s right: you have stumbled upon the SECOND in a series featuring nothing but odd fragments of historical CHEER-ACCIDENT ephemera, which will apparently continue well into perpetuity. This particular installment has the distinction of ending with the best song ever recorded, which - on its face - would seem like it would be a positive thing, but alas: as it turns out, “the best song ever” isn’t necessarily a song you would actually want to listen to.
Once a band reaches that four-decade mark in their existence, particularly a band such as CHEER-ACCIDENT, who have travailed so much aesthetic ground during this time, you just know that they have a veritable treasure trove of flotsam and jetsam (in varying degrees of “fi”) lying around, just waiting to be turned into a whimsical encyclopedic series of semi-random aural events.
This Is That.
“Fringements Two” is the second chapter, wherein CHEER-ACCIDENT avails to the public documentation of intimate practice space encounters, obscure demos, and even some “slicker” recordings that just never found a home on any of their other releases.”
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