Corea, Chick - Trio Music, Live in Europe

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"You get the impression that these guys were on tour for a long time: the ensemble work sounds telepathic. A rich and diverse journey, 'Live in Europe' starts out light with 'The Loop' and ends dark with a sublime 'Mirovisions'. Adventurous listening is provided along the way in the form of solo workouts from each member of the band: 'Prelude No.1/Mock Up' is about as exciting a piano improvisation as I've ever heard Chick Corea do (but I by no means have heard them all), 'Transformation' is a moody bowed bass solo, and 'Hittin' It' an atmospheric exploration of what must be a huge collection of exotic cymbals & bells. Besides the great music, this album is notable (as, I've heard, all ECM releases are) for its sparkling production quality. Sound staging is excellent even on my non-audiophile system. It's hard to imagine how this was recorded live, as the stage must have been littered with microphone stands. This album rewards close scrutiny as well as working perfectly well as background music when company comes over. A good choice for fans of any of the musicians represented, but more than that a stirring example of the fine art of jazz trio."-C. Robinson

Chick Corea-piano
Miroslav Vitous-bass
Roy Haynes-drums
  • LabelECM
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