Cormorano - Obliquizioni d'Autunno...prima che l'aquilone se ne CD

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“Cormorano were a band formed in Emilia, Italy in 1975. Like many Italian bands of this period, they never recorded during their original lifetimes, although they were a very active live act.
This is a new album for this historic Italian prog band with three founding members (Raffaello Regoli on vocals, Antonio Dondi on drums and Gabriele Giovanardi on sax) sanctions a return in its own significant way. The ensemble is completed by Francesco Boni (son of another original member, Carlo Alberto Boni) on bass, Elia Filippini on keyboards and Michele Zanni on guitar.
Raffaello Regoli is known in the Italian progressive scene for having been a friend and pupil of Demetrio Stratos...and among the enthralling songs the more experimental component also creeps in, such as the introductory “Obliquizione”, “Disarmoritmo”, the ritualistic theatricality (sound poetry?) of “Festa di Settembre”, which are an integral part of the musical visions of Cormorano, who don’t even spare the final gem with the last track “Pugni chiusi”.
A love that comes from afar and that still hasn’t exhausted its inspiration and expressive power.”
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